Operational rules of BUPPI Bory Mall

  1. At the BUPPI KID´S WORLD interior premises visitors are allowed to move only in socks.
  2. Children under the age of 18 have access to the BUPPI KID´S WORLD premises only with the assistance of a responsible adult, fully responsible for them for the duration of their stay. An adult is a person over 18 years of age.
  3. The accompanying adult person is also responsible for the property damage caused by the child, including the damages on a play sets in our premisses.
  4. Visitors are obliged to immediately inform the BUPPI KID´S WORLD staff about any injury, accident or damage in our property.
  5. If the statutory representative of the child / children or other responsible adult accompanying person of the child / children leave child / children in the BUPPI KID´S WORLD without his / her supervision, he /she does so voluntarily and on his / her own responsibility, for a maximum period of 2 hours period time with the obligation to leave a telephone contact at the BUPPI KID´S WORLD reception where he / she is reachable and can be contacted in case of urgency or/only for the need of pick up information of the child/children from BUPPI KID´S WORLD.
  6. By this procedure, the legal representative of the child / children or other responsible adult accompanying person of the child / children accepts the BUPPI KID´S WORLD operation manual and is fully aware that during their absence at the BUPPI KID´S WORLD premises there may be random accidents , thefts and possible damages to the property.
  7. The accompanying adult person of the child / children or other responsible adult accompanying person of the child / children notes that if the child / children is not picked up from the BUPPI KID´S WORLD even after 2 hours and the staff have used up all the options to contact a responsible adult accompanying person of the children / children max. until the opening hours of BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD ( till 8 pm), the staff will contact the law enforcement authorities immediately.
  8. BUPPI KID´S WORLD visitors are required and asked to follow the instructions of BUPPI WORLDWIDE staff in accordance with the BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD operational manual.
  9. Drinking, fluids, or any snacks usage on the interior and exterior play sets of the BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD is according to the hygienic reasons not allowed.
  10. It is allowed to consume only food, liquids and snacks purchased in the BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD premises and only outside the BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD play sets. The infant food and a special dietary requirements for children and visitors are the only exception.
  11. Smoking in a BUPPI CHILDREN’S WORLD is strictly forbidden.
  12. Any animals at the BUPPI KID´S WORLD are prohibited.
  13. In case of the theft or a loss of a registered identificator ( key, chip) in the BUPPI KID´S WORLD area, the visitor accompanying the child/children is obliged to pay a fee of € 14.00 per child.
  14. BUPPI KID´S WORLD is not responsible for any injuries and accidents that occurred at the BUPPI KID´S WORLD premises, involving visitors and minor children.
  15. BUPPI KID´S WORLD has no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of the property of BUPPI KID´S WORLD.
  16. BUPPI KID´S WORLD has the right to make any changes regarding the opening hours and prices of BUPPI KID´S WORLD without prior notice.
  17. Dear visitors, the BUPPI KID´S WORLD informs you that is doing the maximum for the optimal safety of all visitors, including/ especially of the minors. This also includes performing regular inspections and revisions of the play sets constructions of the indoor and outdoor parts of the BUPPI KID´S WORLD which meets Slovak and European standards. The safety and quality of the interior and exterior components of the BUPPI KID´S WORLD play sets is confirmed by the world leader of the inspection and certification services with long standing tradition TÜV.